Mean Joe Green, the vintage beer truck, has been in the Bay Area Draft family since early 2018. The truck was built primarily for the purposes of being a vehicle (no pun intended) to serve draft beer, wine, cider, etc. at live events throughout the Bay Area. A true statement piece and attention getter, Mean Joe Green has gained attention quite quickly. 

A little about the truck

Mean Joe is a 1953 Chevy 3600 (now more commonly known as a 3/4 ton) flatbed truck. The truck is original for the most part and features a stunning green paintjob with hand painted pinstripping.  Don't be fooled by the dual exhaust and the great sound it produces, as Mean Joe is packing the original 235 cubic inch straight 6. With his 85 horsepower, he won't beat anyone off the line but he will look good cruising around town or setup dispensing ice cold beverages at your next event!

A little about the Name

Mean Joe Green is named in honor of the original owner of the truck. While we didn't know the owner and we highly doubt his name was Joe, we do know he could come off as quite the crotchety old man (there's even a little caricature of the original owner painted on the back of the cab). Based on the caricature painted on the vehicle, we thought the name Mean Joe Green would be fitting.